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We are PropTech professionals, and have been for over 2 decades.

PropCo Enterprise is our flagship product: an industry leading web-based software system for agencies of all sizes, with proven performance across Lettings, Property Management and Client Accounting.

Our company, Technology Blueprint (TBL), has been developing Property Technology (‘PropTech’) software for Lettings Agents, Property Managers, Rental Accounts, and Estates Industry Professionals since 1995.

TBL has a proven track record for delivering cutting edge software solutions to its clients, with the first online portals in 1999, and cloud-based infrastructure and service delivery since before ‘cloud I.T.’ was a thing…

We pride ourselves on continually pushing the envelope of innovative solutions for our customers, and our PropCo Core software is at the heart of our drive to bring the best in technology to our customers.

We are constantly investing in our technology at all levels: from data center investment and solution design to new features, interfaces, and systems.

Recent research and development programs for PropCo have resulted in the incredibly versatile PropCo Workflows engine, powerful ‘online banking’ features for Landlords, Tenants, and Contractors of our PropCo Web portals, and the growing range of our PropCo Mobile apps for tablet computing.

We consistently innovate to combine the power of our application servers with the convenience of web access to give our customers powerful, scalable, and highly performant systems to support both in-office and online service to their clients.

Residential lettings
Property management
Client accounting

We are leaders in the PropTech space for residential property services, backed up by a strong team of engineering expertise we have built up and matured in our own custom-built operation in Delhi.

Experts in integration of other industry-leading services for our clients, we are able to tackle enhancements, customisations, and new projects in the property domain with our high-skilled and scalable teams.

With our outsourcing teams providing scalable human-resource to add depth to your property management and back office team, we have the technology, expertise and the personnel to help you grown your business.

For us, our code of ethics is paramount: we take the custodialship of our clients’ data and the security and reliability of their service to their customers as the highest priority.

Our solution designs are intentionally forward-facing, future-proof, and secure, and this is reflected in our approach to new project proposals, our own product development track, and our various system integrations.

PropCo Software is world-class, enterprise-grade technology built for power, performance, scalability, and versatility, and we strive continually to keep it that way with every new feature we add or area of functionality we develop for our customers.

PropCo has enabled us to drastically improve the bottom line. Our customers can now find not only their statements, they can also look back through the Landlord Login, not dissimilar to internet banking, all from our perspective to be completely transparent to our customers and provide better value for money.

Peter Fuller

Romans Lettings


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