Rent Deposits

Tenancy Deposits can be registered directly from PropCo software, giving our clients a choice between two of the leading government-backed Tenancy Deposit Schemes (TDP). All Deposits can be tracked through PropCo’s powerful accounting suite.


PropCo has automated the deposit registration process with mydeposits.

When you raise an invoice for the deposit, PropCo can contact mydeposits for you and register the deposit automatically. The deposit certificate is automatically received back by PropCo and filed for your users to access in future. The system can also distribute the certificate electronically to your landlords and the tenants directly, ensuring a seamless and auditable service.


Register deposits with TDS quickly and easily by using a file transfer method to ensure all of the required information is correctly packaged and sent through for deposit registration.

PropCo stores and distributes tenancy deposit certificates to your landlords and the tenants, and keeps a record of all deposits held on account.