Hosted and served from our own private-cloud infrastructure, we are experts in web-based systems and service delivery.

PropCo SaaS

PropCo Enterprise is delivered to our customers, large and small, on a simple monthly-subscription model.

We deliver Software as a Service (SaaS), providing the hosting of the application and database servers, email clients, document management servers, and supporting systems, the application itself, and our standard support centre services all for a single monthly per-user fee.

Datacenter Services

Our teams have designed and built the PropCo hosted infrastructure from the ground up.

Our solution is hosted in tier 3 data centres (certified for ISO 27001), but designed to deliver tier 2 security and resilience with 99.7% uptime guarantees available.

The PropCo System is available in configurations with 2 UK-based failover locations with realtime synchronisation, and a third disaster recovery location available in mainland Europe for customers who require the highest grade of service continuity in extreme circumstances.

With access to a 4th international datacenter outside of the EU for international customers looking for optimum performance in Asia, PropCo is prepared to support your global business.

Systems Administration and Monitoring

We have deep expertise in datacenter and network services and solutions, and our systems administrators provide consultancy services for many of the strongest and most powerful open source technologies.

Service monitoring, maintenance and support are built into the DNA of PropCo Enterprise, and our success is based on our capacity to troubleshoot, design, and innovate solutions that perform at scale.

Email and Business Systems Hosting and Support

PropCo can provide you with a fully-hosted business infrastructure: from email to online calendars, VoIP telephony, video conferencing, website hosting, monitoring and support.

Network Services and Internet Connectivity

With many years exposure to internet technologies, we are well-positioned to advise and recommend ways for you to improve and enhance your business bandwidth and connectivity issues.

Operating on a slow connection miles from the nearest broadband fibre?

Contact us to find out how we can help you stay online and increase your speed online.