Data Migration

We take away the fear of moving your precious data to a new system, with our experienced migrations specialists.

Migrate from anywhere

We can transfer data from virtually any source – competitors’ lettings systems, bespoke applications, self developed databases or spreadsheets.

Some examples of competitors’ systems that our team have migrated: CFP WinMan, CFP Premise (Vebra), Aspasia, LetMC, Gemini, Carl, Focus Rent, Proman, P2Gold and MUS.

Data migration specialists

We have a highly experienced team including data migration specialists, who can work closely with you to get you up and running on PropCo as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your business.

Smooth Migration

Estimated times for migrating your data may vary. However, it doesn’t take more than 5 working days from the moment you provide us with the data to get your system live.

It’s also good to remember to have your data in order, and be able to provide the opening balances for PropCo.