PROPCO provides a range of options for you to manage property maintenance for your clients portfolio.

FixFlo Integration

FixFlo provide a multi-lingual tenant facing web-based service to streamline and standardise the reporting of maintenance issues to your agency.

Easy to use graphical guides, practical checks and advices reduce the effort of your property managers in determining if a tenant-reported issue requires urgent attention.

The deep integration of FixFlo with PropCo Software allows you to deploy FixFlo on your own website, on a custom URL, or in the PropCo Web Tenant Portal, and see all reported issues appear directly on PropCo.

Paired with the power of PropCo Enterprise workflows, FixFlo reporting provides both a great experience for tenants and a smooth and standardised issue handling process for your agents, improving efficiency and the overall quality of your service.

PropCo Enterprise

Agents can log maintenance issues for any property directly into PropCo. The system allows agents to make notes, communicate with the landlord and tenants, assign contractors, and raise works orders directly with contractors.

Contractor invoices can be stored on the system and processed through PropCo’s powerful accounting suite.

By using Workflows feature to customise your property maintenance processes you can ensure quality and efficiency.

PropCo Tenant Portals

Use PropCo Web tenant portals to enable tenants to report maintenance issues to your agency directly from your website.

Tenants can login and report issues which are picked up by PropCo Enterprise workflows in realtime, allowing your agents and property managers to smoothly and efficiently deal with any and all requirements, manage communications, and assign contractors work orders quickly.

With a full audit trail, PropCo helps you manage any future enquiries without fuss.