Become a pro in PropCo Property Management Software

Technology Blueprint is proud to announce a brand new and innovative modular training programme to allow our clients to learn or rejuvenate their skills within PropCo and to ensure they get the most out of it.

Learn again how to use all the benefits that PropCo offers to you and your business, and obtain expertise on a par with the foremost businesses operating within our main areas.

Our goal with this modular training is not to enhance our profit but it is one of enhancing our overall service and to enable our clients to use PropCo with even greater confidence and efficiency than they already do.


Modular Training is divided onto five courses which progressively build up your expertise in PropCo software:

  • Front Office
  • Property Management/Admin
  • Accounts Beginners
  • Accounts Advanced
  • Workflows

Each of the five courses is further split into smaller packs of courses or modules:


The training is delivered through a combination of ‘virtual classroom’
& hands-on training.

Real life scenarios and role-playing techniques are used to illustrate system concepts which can help to better understand of the software.

A Training Brochure is provided which can serve as a main guide.


Divided into ‘bite-size’ modules which are conveniently delivered through remote training sessions of thirty minutes, up to an hour and a half.

Online access to the trainer offers smaller companies; or those with limited staff availability, or indeed larger letting agencies; a facility for top-up or refresher training to those who may not be able to clear time for longer seminar sessions.

The courses are provided by experienced property software professionals so then you can gain the best technology knowledge of PropCo, increasing the advantage your software choice supplies to your business.

The sessions help to enhance knowledge, efficiency, professionalism and quality of property rental management in your business.


We can offer training on-demand to suit your timetable. Contact us today by simply filling in the form at the bottom of the page to check availability.


Each course is priced differently.

Please contact us for more information or for a quotation.

Courses start from £120 + VAT.

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The delegates are given ‘takeaways’ in the form of action points from the training so they can practice in a training environment.

Delegates will receive a formal certificate on successfully completing each module.

Once a delegate has completed all the relevant modules in a particular course, they receive a certification for the overall course.

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