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PropCo has proved itself to be the best in class, most tried and tested platform for our business.

Utilising cutting-edge technology like PropCo helps our people work to the best of their abilities and ultimately leads to the customer being the winner.

Michael Cook

MD of Leaders Romans Group

Just a quick note to say that Manish has completed the two days initial training and I have to say he was great, he was patient, clear and detailed in his presentation.

I’m really looking forward to pressing ahead with PropCo Enterprise, as I thought it really has demonstrated huge areas of improvement and time savings.

Mark Robinson


PropCo has enabled us to drastically improve the bottom line. Our customers can now find not only their statements, they can also look back through the Landlord Login, not dissimilar to internet banking, all from our perspective to be completely transparent to our customers and provide better value for money.

PropCo has enabled us to make considerable savings along the way

Anything that is completed by any of our departments is accessible to all our staff at any time. Our customers who are paying us a fee, any questions they ask, we are able to answer, wherever we are … not just based in the office but also on the go we are able to find out information for our customers there and then.
PropCo has enabled us to make considerable savings along the way, and improve our customer service, so a real win-win. PropCo is a dynamic company who very much have a can do attitude based on their teams both in the UK and overseas.

They really have thought about the technology, they’ve listened to customers, and they’ve developed a package that really does fit the 21st Century.

Peter Fuller

Romans Lettings

The transition to PROPCO Enterprise was relatively smooth. The whole process was handled by one dedicated account handler who was able to offer us one-on-one support to ensure that we got everything that we needed from the new software solution.

We are probably one of the most demanding clients that PROPCO have come across so far as the range of services we offer are quite unique to our clients. PROPCO were very supportive of this and were able to enhance their system to meet our business needs.

Working with PropCo has been a fantastic opportunity: they have offered us a software solution which is tailor-made to our business needs.

We decided to take the trip to India to see their outsourcing business ourselves. (Our) expectations were far exceeded once you arrive over there and see that you would recognise an office from being in the UK.

We look forward to many more years working hand in hand with a company like this.

Ross Jezzard

James Anderson

Due to previous experience with PropCo, I knew the priority within my new business would be to invest in PropCo software.

It is important that day to day we keep up with the fast pace of the lettings industry and the only way forward was PropCo, it can handle the demand efficiently.

The investment in PropCo and TBL outsourcing has paid off tremendously; we can manage an unlimited amount of properties with minimal staffing. We recently started using TBL outsourcing’s business support team to provide assistance with accounts, paperwork and all processes of the modern lettings business.

We can easily say we are 100% more than satisfied with this service. Would recommend PropCo to any business user.

Jonathan Lee

Be Central

I think the process from sales demo, migration and training was superb and about as painless as anyone could hope for!

In terms of tech support, the guys have been great with us, really patient, and I am glad that you offer this facility to us at no additional cost.

Propco has really got us thinking about all the ways we can modernise and streamline our business without compromising on quality.

Paul Quirk

Keys Letting Centre, Ulverston

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the team at PROPCO Support, you are such a great bunch of people to work with, always helpful, pleasant and very, very patient with us at Fish2Let at the time of our new business venture.

It’s a pleasure to have you on board with us and look forward to working with you for many years ahead.

Diane Heely Marla


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