We are always thinking of how our customers can get the most out of PropCo. This is a short list of most frequently asked questions. For more information about the leading property management, or if you need support, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yes. PropCo Enterprise™ is a web based system which means that you can use it anywhere where there is an internet connection.
Indeed, PropCo is a ‘cloud based’ solution because all of your data is stored on the web and not on your PC or local network.

PropCo runs from a web-server in the cloud: if you change your PC hardware or physical location you will still be able to access to all your data.

Actually, no. There is a common misconception that only applications that run within a web-browser are cloud-based but that’s not the case: the key question always when deciding whether an application is cloud based or not is to ask where the data gets stored. Is it stored locally or at a remote location or in the “cloud” as it’s popularly known and the answer in PropCo’s case , is the latter, i.e. the cloud.

Web-apps are notoriously slow, limited, and simply do not deliver the kind of high-quality Enterprise-level user experience that we deliver to our clients. Ever been in the middle of browsing a website and your web browser crashes? Is that really the way you would like to run your business software?

Also: consider the risks associated with software which is publicly available over the web and is only protected by a wafer-thin layer of traditional username & password style security. With PropCo, your data is securely stored, and managed from a robust local platform.

The PropCo EnterpriseTM desktop system actually runs using a local ‘app’, much like the ones you download from Google Play or the App Store for mobile devices: just like ‘Google Earth’, all your data is in the cloud, but the user experience is controlled by a small application running on your computer.

PropCo uses its own ‘app’ as an interface to access your data. The result is a better, more secure platform that you can rely on to support your business: PropCo Software is able to employ more powerful security mechanisms than the in-browser applications that are commonly marketed as ‘cloud-based’ software.

Since its launch in 1998 PropCo has been compliant with RICS / ARLA By Laws. We have PropCo customers, both large and small, who are audited by leading accounts firms such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, Ernst & Young and Delliote Touche who year on year confirm compliance with RICS / ARLA By Laws.
It is possible to upload to all property portals, and your own website using PropCo Enterprise™. This is done automatically meaning that the available properties will always be up to date.
Your PropCo Enterprise™ Core system can be set up to send your available property details directly to any website using an industry standard ‘rightmove’ format data feed. However, this automatic process is not instant: most clients have an overnight update. With PropCo Web™, you can make the latest properties and information immediately available to customers and landlords visiting your website – reducing the time to market for properties to an absolute minimum.
PropCo Enterprise™ has a TDS module that automatically uploads the relevant data for the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
PropCo Enterprise™ has its own integrated email client to ensure that communication with your colleagues and clients is as simple as possible.
Yes. PropCo Enterprise™ comes with over 70 reports built in covering every aspect of your business and your data. At PropCo we pride ourselves on our development expertise, and we can customise reports for you both through our support and development teams, and through our Buisiness Intelligence solutions.
PropCo Enterprise™ is built to work with Microsoft Word and Open Office to ensure that sending letters to clients is an easy and familiar process. PropCo EnterpriseTM has a selection of letters pre-installed and you can add as many letters as you want a the touch of a button.
Yes – while PropCo Web™ websites are built from the ground up to work seamlessly with your PropCo Enterprise™ Core system, our Development teams can give you the same amazing functionality for websites built for you by other people. The PropCo Web™ Connectors, once set up, can be designed to perfectly match your existing website design – resulting in a great online experience for your clients.

Yes, PropCo offers a seamless integration with referencing companies such as Lettings Hub & Homelet. Agents can complete the entire process from starting the application to viewing the final report from within the system. We are continually looking to collaborate with other referencing firms to give the widest possible choice of options to our customers. If you are a referencing provider and would like to integrate your API with PropCo, please get in touch and we will be happy to have a chat.

Yes – PropCo Enterprise™ is our flagship product, a web-based marketing, customer record management, communications, client accounting, and document management solution developed bespoke for Property Professionals, but our development expertise runs deep, from Database and CRM software to Web design and Mobile Applications, Systems Administration, VoIP telephony and many other areas of I.T. – we work on other projects and products all the time. Get in touch with us over at Technology Blueprint to find out more about the things we get up to…

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