PropCo Dashboard

Streamline your operations, save time and work smarter with all of your business-critical information in a single view dashboard.

PropCo Dashboard brings all of your important information into a single real-time view, customised to fit your agency’s needs.

Customisable Data

Import the critical data your agency needs, because no two agencies are the same. Choose from 20 different widgets, covering front-office, property management and back-office functions. View front office metrics like applicants in a defined time period, aged applicants and property viewings booked. Track and manage property management jobs like inspections, property management cases, un-concludes deposits, upcoming tenant departures and safety checks. Monitor back office tasks like new lets, tenant renewals and departures.

Better Business Performance and Decision-Making

With all of your key metrics in a single view, tracking performance and making the right business decisions becomes easier, saving time and enabling agents to be more effective. No more missed follow-ups or wasting time trying to find out information from multiple sources.

User and Branch Performance Stats At A Glance

PropCo Dashboard enables one-click switching between user and branch profiles, giving an instant picture of performance for single users and an entire branch.

View Detailed Reports With One Click

If users need more information than the top-level dashboard view, one click allows them to drill down into the full report, getting the critical data they need – fast.