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Shreya Sharma | May 29, 2020 | Reading Time: 2 min.

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Every property business needs a technology solution to manage their day to day work. Not only to streamline the processes but also to make them efficient.

As we continue compounding the habits of using technology, we continue to improve working processes of some of the UKs largest agents. 

With more than 20 years of experience in developing  cutting edge software, our teams have continuously worked towards providing innovative, cost savings solutions and integrations that work seamlessly with our core product.

We service some of the largest Agents in the sector and our user data shows that one of the key ares in which agents consistently struggle  is Client Accounting.


PropCo transforms your accounting and helps agents to overcome the challenges faced by so many Estate and Lettings Agents.

What makes PropCo the best solution for accounting challenges:

1) Automation of payment system and more efficiency

With different modes available in PropCo System, our clients are able to collect funds through different mediums, like, Direct Debits, Standing Orders, and more.

We have helped our clients encourage a positive payment culture across their business.

2) Huge Savings is always attractive

Today, agents spend nearly 50% of their week adding and updating records on spreadsheets.

However our cloud based system allows you to update and access your data anytime, and from anywhere and helping you save time and money.

3) Reconciliation smoother than ever

Admin challenges with cash deposits are most common of all.

PropCo’s fast and intuitive bank reconciliation allows you to align your client account statements with PropCo very easily. 

4) Extensive Reporting Suite

PropCo has an extensive reporting suite that helps you stay on top of compliance.

This gives you more control on managing your portfolio as a whole and streamlining the processes within your business. 

5) Auto-Allocation

Auto-allocation saves a lot of time and is the most demanded feature .  Want to be able to controlling the order and timing of your payments? 

PROPCO Enterprise gives you more control over prioritising the payments and allocating them. 

6) Satisfied Customers

Giving more control to your landlords and tenants on their property account and payments is another way to ensure customer satisfaction.

PropCo Web Portals can help you in supporting your customers 24*7. Give it a try!

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