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PropCo | February 17, 2016 | Reading Time: < 1 minute

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In the light of the change in the property law on repairs and Section 21, we announce coming integration of Fixflo into PropCo, TBL’s flagship property management software.

What it means for PropCo users is opportunity to use fully capable repair reporting system within the PropCo Enterprise and prevent that any complications that could affect the ability to validly serve a Section 21 Notice. Including providing an immediate “adequate response” to every tenant repair which is accurately time and date stamped and can be annexed to a Section 21 notice.

As a result of our commitment to moving technology to new horizons, integration with Fixflo could bring reasonable benefit and cost savings to all our clients that decide to take advantage of this award-winning repairs management platform, also supported by ARLA.

“PropCo is delighted to be working Fixflo creating great solutions for the Property industry,” says Mark, our Commercial Director.

We encourage our clients to contact us if they are interested or would like to pre-book the integration of FixFlo.

The can also visit for a guide to the changes produced by ARLA and FixFlo visit and for a free no obligation trial of the Fixflo system email to or call 020 7183 1222.

To get more insights about the Fixflo being integrated within your PropCo, see our Integrations section (-> /integrations/maintenance)

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