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Annual Roundup and Information on Seasonal Service

We hope you all enjoy the Festive Season, and look forward to continuing to support your business throughout 2015.

The PROPCO Support Desk will be available as follows over the Holiday Season

Day Date Hours
Wednesday 24 December Finish at 2.00pm – Christmas Eve
Thursday 25 December Closed – Christmas Day
Friday 26 December Closed – Boxing Day
Saturday 27 December As Usual
Sunday 28 December Closed
Monday 29 December Open
Tuesday 30 December Open
Wednesday 31 December Finish at 1.00pm – New Year’s Eve
Thursday 1 January Closed – New Year’s Day
Friday 2 January Normal Business Hours Resume

Looking back on 2014

News from PROPCO from another great year of service and development

Big Strides in Workflow Automation

2014 saw the first of a series of dramatic enhancements in PROPCO’s powerful BPA module: Workflows. Built into the heart of PROPCO Core technology, Workflows allows PROPCO clients to setup and control Business Process Automation within their system.

Create, amend, update, action processes all setup and configured in PROPCO by you, for you and your business: totally within your control.

This year PROPCO provided a stunning enhancement to the range of interactions and display options for your information. Watch out for further improvements in the user experience in 2015 with the launch of PROPCO v3.

Modular Training Launch

Built around busy schedules, the move to break up PROPCO’s comprehensive training program into smaller ‘bite-size’ chunks has proved both popular and successful for new users and those wanting to refresh their PROPCO skills.

In 45-minute to whole hour sessions, the modular training option is the ideal route to make the most out of your PROPCO system.
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PROPCO Mobile Inventories

Our latest app for PROPCO users, the Mobile Inventories product is now available to get on the iOS AppStore and the Google Playstore.

Free to download, easy to use, enabling anyone with a tablet to perform a property inventory and connect to your PROPCO system to produce glossy, professional, branded property inventory reports and store them in your core database. Contact PROPCO Support to organise your license key.
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PROPCO for the NUS ‘Lettings in a Box’

A number of our clients have proven the incredible versitility and power PROPCO software by using it to handle intense and demanding high-volume, high-income Student Lettings markets around the country.

Combining the power of PROPCO Enterprise client accounting with the online access for tenants and landlords of PROPCO Web, and key technologies integrated into the PROPCO system like DocuSign eSignature, mailmerge, applicant matching, and realtime search, they have been able to handle hundreds of student lets and move-ins per week in peak season, as well as the complexities of multi-tenant property management.

In 2014, TBL was selected by the National Union of Students to be the preferred supplier of a bundle of software and outsourcing property management services we called ‘Lettings in a Box’ to member Unions throughout the country, using their online cloud platform.

The opportunity for NUS members is also there for your business. Contact Us to discuss how outsourcing can help you break new markets.
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In another great initiative, virtually guaranteed to transform the efficiency and productivity of your teams, we began looking hard at the PROPCO user interface design in 2014.

With a mission to improve the overall user experience of PROPCO Software and drawing (excuse the pun) upon leading principles of modern visual design, we are looking forward to launching a transformed front office experience for PROPCO users.

Want a sneak peak? Contact your PROPCO Support desk…

PROPCO vs. PropCo?

Some of you may have noticed another small change from the start of the year: an increasing tendency to refer to PROPCO in our communications.

As our long-standing customers will know, your PROPCO software systems started out in 1996 as an MS-DOS application developed bespoke for lettings agencies to run their client accounts and customer records called ‘Property Coordinator’.

By the time we had reached our third, Microsoft Windows version, in the early 21st Centruy (no less), almost everyone had shortened this very neatly to PropCo, and when we released our web-based Enterprise-grade solution in 2006, we called it “PropCo Enterprise”, and our division of our parent company, Technology Blueprint Ltd. (TBL), became known internally and nationally as “PropCo”.

Our abbreviation, however, also aligned with an Americanism: ‘PropCo’ there is short for ‘property company’, and – thanks to our friends at Google – we had various enquiries in 2013 for NHS holding companies, among other things.

So, when we registered our brand at the start of the year (extra marks to anyone who spotted that little change), we made sure it was capitalised throughout, and PROPCO is the way we like to put our trading name in plain text.

As with any change to a brand, however, small, the new usage is taking time to take hold, so: where do you stand? PROPCO vs PropCo? You know us: we are always happy to make changes and improvements on the advice of our clients…

Looking Forward to 2015…

Great things come to those who wait!

PROPCO User Forum

Speaking of taking the advice and views of our clients, we will be launching our PROPCO User Forum in 2015, so you can chip in on the PROPCO vs PropCo and ‘whet’ vs ‘ wet’ debates, as well as contributing ideas, opinions, and inputs on PROPCO software and products.

Look out for your invite in 2015!

PROPCO Sales Module ‘Alpha’

As part of our continuous process of research and development we have always had this one in mind.

While PROPCO has lettings and property management in our DNA, expanding the scope of the existing Enterprise system to include support for Estate Agency has been in discussion in the labs of TBL for a number of seasons now.

Quietly, in 2014 we begun the process of rounding out PROPCO Enterprise to include functionality to list, track, process, and account for property sales. It is in ‘alpha’ development right now: look out for this incredibly valuable addition to your existing PropCo Enterprise system in a special release next year.

And, yes, it will be (as usual) a free upgrade: part of your existing PROPCO software subscription.
Contact Us to find out more.


Those keeping track of our updates will have seen this one coming, and with all the new features, functionalities, and improvements we have on hand for PROPCO software users in 2015 it is going to be a good one: version 3 of our powerful, scalable, and innovative PROPCO Core system.

Building on the super-charged infrastructure upgrades of 2013, and the new product categories and enhanced web technologies we brought to market with PROPCO Web, and PROPCO Mobile products, the PROPCO V3 release is on track for 2015.

PROPCO Carousel V2

Providing bright, glossy imagery from your PROPCO Enterprise system along with customised text and branding direct to your window display, PROPCO software users love the convenience of the PROPCO Carousel.

Working with clients to improve our software and services is what we do, so get ready for the Carousel V2 becoming available in 2015 – and contact your support team to find out more.

Other New & Important Software from TBL

Introducing CheckDocs

TBL Commercial Director, PROPCO’s own Mark Howlett, recently attended the ARLA regional conference in Manchest to talk about the important new product CheckDocs.

Addressing the very real concerns in the industry around the 2014 Right2Rent legislation that is currently trialling in the West Midlands, CheckDocs provides a secure and professional solution for agents wanting to provide a quality of service and additional reassurance to their landlords.

Watch the CheckDocs video to find out more.

Have a great break an we will see you at ARLA in 2015!

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