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Rachel Goldsmith | November 6, 2018 | Reading Time: 4 min.

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What is classed as an enhancement?
What happens when you raise a ticket?

Not sure about the answer to these questions? Confused?…

We often have questions from clients around this topic and we understand that the process isn’t always straight forward. We want to explain these processes so you can understand what the Support Desk Team do for you.

At PropCo we have a team of technicians on our Support Desk and behind the scenes, whom you will find highly experienced, always motivated and keen to help.

Once we have taken your call or email, if we cannot help immediately, we may need to ask you clarification or for more details of your issue. This is to fully understand your problem and to enable us categorise the type of requests. Most issues will fall under one of these 2 main categories:

  • Contract Support / Service Desk Assistance

  • Non-Contract Support and the Change Requests

Lets now look into each of these in more detail.

1. Contract Support / Service Desk Assistance

This is provided for all of our clients free of charge. We want you to get the most from using PropCo!

We ask that where possible you select a person from your business to act as your representative. This person(s) is nominated in your contract with us and should be the one to contact the support desk, thus providing continuity, a deeper understanding of our process and software. This person should preferably hold the authority to sign off costs when needed. The more information you can provide at the point of your initial call is better for us to understand and replicate the issue, so we can then fix it for you!

After this initial communication and analysis we will then:

– Provide a diagnosis and estimate of how long the problem will take to resolve

– And / or provide a temporary workaround solution if we are able to do so

– Keep you updated on the progress of resolution and ask you if we need any further information.

Many issues can be resolved directly at this point for example: licensing queries; simple database changes; but some will require further work and therefore will fall under one of the other categories. You will be advised if this is the case but if there is any uncertainty, please ask.

Please be aware for PropCo Enterprise (if you have tools access) user’s issue over user access rights or basic usage of the system should be handled in house, by your Super User or in-house knowledge base / trainer. We provide user guides and training on all modules, please ask if you require these!

If at all you feel unhappy with our approach, you are not getting a response, or want to escalate an issue, we have an escalation procedure which you can ask your account manager or support team member for.

2. Non-Contract Support

Non-Contract Support is any request not covered by the contracted Support Desk service, including improvements or changes to the application, additional development, code changes, or modifications to the product.

The most common things we get asked for are:

– Bug fixes – While we want you to be pleased with your experience, however occasionally bugs do arise. We cannot guarantee a system free of bugs nor are we contracted to fix these within any specified timescale but we, of course, do aim to provide you a fully working, function rich product!

– System enhancements – These are modifications or changes to the product provided.

PropCo does work differently to other systems out there… If you cannot make it work how you expect, there may be another way that you are not yet familiar with. Please do ask us before putting in your enhancement requests! If an enhancement is a priority for your business then we will review your needs and can discuss this further with you.

– Report modifications

– System options

– Workflow builds – We do offer some basic workflows as standard. Additional, custom built workflows or amendments are charged at our consultancy rate. We also offer full training should you wish to grow your own workflow knowledge and capability to manage these in-house.

– Web feed set-ups or alterations (annual fee for maintenance support applies here).

Unless prior agreement has been given (or where it is known / or agreed to be a bug by us, causing incorrect function of the system), all the above items will have costs attached.

Depending on the type of issue either the Support Team (for report changes, feed set ups etc.) or your Account Manager (Commercial team) will be in contact with a quotation for the works, based on your requirements, estimated workload and your company rate card.

Bugs, Development and Enhancements:

We hold regular release planning sessions between our Product Owner, the developers and our Support Team and prior to every new release we will discuss legislative changes and client requests. We will prioritise your requests and paid-for enhancements and also reflect whether your requests could negatively impact your business or other clients. Rest assured each of your requests are considered, but it is not always possible to fit every request into an upcoming build.

From these discussions we establish the priorities for change and begin to plan the next 2 or 3 releases. Sometimes, if there was a major bug for example, we will consider deploying a patch release (like 19.1) for a quicker resolution for you.

Behind all of our development decisions is the use of the software in the business setting. How will this affect YOU – the customer and your day to day needs. PropCo also strives to be innovative and current with outstanding functionality and gives a great look and feel for the user.

For questions on the above, or to discuss anything else please don’t hesitate to call:
Manish Sharma 0845 0047 142 ext 2006

Contact the Support Team:

For all clients receiving standard support our Support Desk opening hours are Monday to Friday : 0900 – 1700

Telephone: 08450 047 142 Option 2


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