Top tips for agents to stay safe

Jaymie Thakordas | March 23, 2020 | Reading Time: 4 min.

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Make your safety a priority

With COVID-19 bombarding our daily headlines, working from home has taken on a new meaning for most agency practices. Typically, 60% of an agent’s role is face to face whether they’re in the office, conducting client viewings or administrative activities such as taking tenants through the application process.

After 25 years of being in the proptech game, we’d like to offer agents some practical tips to minimise disruption, automate front-facing services to create safer practices to survive and thrive, whilst complying with measures laid out by the Government.

Virtual Tours

Many agents have already adopted this tech by providing tenants with 360 degree images and videos of their property portfolio using handheld cameras and existing other well-known platforms such as FaceTime and Whatsapp to provide a live virtual tour. Unique providers such as Eyespy360 who can integrate sophisticated functionality from branding to analytics, linking the entire viewing process with live video calling options into an agent’s existing software.

Digital Signatures

Utilise best in class services to seal deals through platforms like docusign and hellosign. Obtaining signed agreements and contracts from tenants,landlords and agents with a click of a few buttons. Another winning solution to eliminate physical contact.


Employ a trustworthy insurance brand to take the pain out of credit checking when verifying your potential tenants. Homelet and LetAlliance are leading suppliers in the space who can cover all your specialist needs.

Tenant Onboarding

Implementing tech that automates the application process is definitely the way forward. Empowering tenants with an easy-to-use interface that gives them the flexibility to choose, negotiate and apply for a property whilst simultaneously collecting and managing their data in a safe and secure way is one thing. Functionality for agents is just as sophisticated. Agents can accept or reject applications at a click of button and send tenancy agreements once all relevant checks have been made. Here’s the best bit, it all integrates into a CRM system, saving 50% of admin time.

Web Portals

Providing 24/7 access to your employees, tenants, landlords and contractors is one pretty mean feat. It builds trust and transparency with all parties whilst providing a gateway to all relevant documents such as tenancy agreements and contracts. The portal is an online extension of the CRM software.

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