“True love”, our client said…

Shreya Sharma | October 12, 2017 | Reading Time: 2 min.

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One of our clients approached a senior team member and was sharing their valuable feedback in relation to all the services offered by Technology Blueprint and Techblue Software.

Do you know what he said…?

“True love….

….It has to be said, as with all great relationships you are inevitability going to be a hit with endless “Ups and Downs” we have certainly had a good deal of those… but it’s how you get through them that is the master key to a successful one!”

“Each and every staff member… is very much part of our own team/business, not being based within our own premises is never an issue, we have had the fortunate experience with the following services:”

He has been in touch with the TBS Technical Support desk

“Where do I start… this has to be “one” of their true assets, a team run by Manjeet Singh and his close partner Ankur Sharma, both of these chaps can seriously not do enough to meet any technical issues faced (or any other issues if you ask nicely), they are very understanding to any problem raised whatever size or importance, they have been known on all occasions to go out of their way to promptly resolve even outside their work time and on one or two occasions with issues outside their remit!

They are both backed up by a great team that can also handle any issues that are less technical and are resolved with accuracy and speediness, Mukesh to name but one!”

…and he has implemented VoIP telephony as part of his BOSS setup:

“There are so many parts of this company that I believe we have only touched the surface on, one of the services we use this part for is our VOIP calls, this again was a simple and seamless service provided and has certainly proved a cost saving to our business, at no point was there any disruption to our services and I believe this is down to the great and continued work of Amardeep Singh and his team.”

He called our Outsourcing Team the “Backbone” to his business…

“The outsource team lead by Deepak Chandrababu is a real gem, we have engaged with all of the administration work that is required with managing let properties, truly lifting huge workloads and freeing up time for fee earning business. Our allocated team, Sunil Sharma and Rahul Sadana have a great understanding of our business and sometimes feel as if they are part of the Robinsons Family.”

“If ever in doubt, take a trip to India and meet the team as I did, a truly humbling experience to see such a positive and productive environment.”

Mark Robinson
Robinsons Estates

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